The Awards Night is where we will come together to enjoy delectable canapes, connect with each other and announce the winners of the awards. This year’s awards night will be hosted by Grünthal Brew on the 3rd of November from 6:45pm. Dinner is designed by Grünthal’s chef using local Hills and South Australian ingredients to create tasty morsels and flavour bombs.

What We Love About This Event

  • Relaxed opportunity to get to know the sector and make new connections, while reconnecting with others.
  • Great chance to bring along your team, staff and volunteers to celebrate together.
  • Highlights the wonderful things happening in our sector so Community Centres SA can continue to showcase your stories in our advocacy.
  • The Grunthal Feed My Group’s scrumptious food that includes 2 courses. Starting with the chef selection of shared small plates and followed by a range of pizzas with sides.
  • Follows on from our Festival of Ageing conference so you can enjoy the whole day!

When & Where?

  • 3rd November 2022, 6:45pm for a 7pm Start.
  • Grunthal Brew, 827 Mount Barker Rd, Verdun SA
  • Tickets are $45.00 each, excluding booking fee.


Community Centres and community organisations around South Australia are making a significant impact in making our society as inclusive, just and knowledgeable places full of innovation, connection and engagement. Our award night recognises the exceptional work the groups and individuals who volunteer and work there are doing by recognising them three unique awards. These awards highlight the contribution being made to community knowledge, inclusion, reconciliation and social justice.

The winner of the awards receive a beautiful house candle holder trophy, signifying the community they have supported that is presented at the awards night.

Our awards are open to our members through nominating:

  • A person – this could be a member of the community, a staff member, a volunteer, a board or committee member, a boss, a retired person – anyone!
  • A group – a committee, a Board, a community group, an online group, a local street or neighbourhood group – any group!


Community Knowledge Broker Award

An award that celebrates actions by a group or person that have created or continued the growth of:

  • Community knowledge of who their neighbours or supportive community members are and where to turn with issues and ideas.
  • Community acting collectively to find solutions to community needs and crises.
  • People in the community being motivated and willing to contribute.
  • Actively encouraging and empowering everyone to use their voice.
For example, an individual or group who actively gets to know their community and uses that information to help strengthen it.

Friend to All Award

An award that celebrates actions by a group or person that have created or continued the growth of:

  • Creating a sense of belonging at their Centre or House.
  • Improving governance, staff, programming diversity to better reflect the diversity in the community they walk alongside. 
  • Celebrations, knowledge and valuing cultural diversity.

For example,  an individual who is actively looking for ways to make their Centre/organisation more inclusive. An organisation that has had cultural awareness training and subsequently made changes to their physical space to successfully make their space culturally safe. A Board that has changed a policy or procedure to make their place more inclusive.

Champion of Justice Award

An award that celebrates actions by a group or person that have created or continued the growth of:

  • Participation by First Nations Australians in volunteering, employment pathways, and community learning activities.
  • Acknowledging, valuing and celebrating South Australia’s First Nations history.
  • Providing and creating opportunities to address inequalities in the community.
For example, a volunteer that goes over and above supporting those that experience injustice in life. An organisation that is running a financial literacy course for single parents.

Honorary Membership

We are seeking people who have undertaken significant activities and responsibilities that have had a long term or wide ranging impact on or contribution to both:

  • The establishment and/or ongoing success of individual houses and centres and
  • The continuation of Community Centres SA Inc.

Honorary Members act as an advocate for Community Centres SA and the sector of Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses in South Australia. They:

  • May have done this for many years or just a few
  • May have contributed through a variety of informal and/or formal roles primarily as a salaried employee
  • The person could now be retired, or be working
  • Their role/s must have included at least one of the following: mentoring, marketing, involvement in events, strategic planning, advocacy, programme and/or training delivery
  • The stand out feature of what they do/have done is leadership in the objective of connecting up, building meaningful relationships and contributing to positive wellbeing outcomes.



The 2022 Sector Awards nominations are now closed.


Our Honorary Membership nominations are currently closed.


We welcome sponsors to support each award. In return, we highlight your involvement through, providing the opportunity for you to present your sponsored award and introduce your organisation (1 minute) at the awards night, displaying your organisation’s banner at the awards night, including your brand on all award night social media and promotion materials.

For more information please click here or contact Will Littleton via