Stories from Our Member Communities

The Importance of Community Connections in Addressing Loneliness

Film by Stone Studio Visuals. Shot & Edited by Bodhi Stone.

Diversity, Inclusion & Feeling Safe

Film by Stone Studio Visuals. Shot & Edited by Bodhi Stone.

Adopting a Strength Based

Film by Stone Studio Visuals. Shot & Edited by Bodhi Stone.

Surviving To Thriving

Through a pilot program developed by CCSA, Aaron overcame significant barriers to achieve his dream of both education and employment. This was achieved through attending an ACE program to develop his literacy skills, which led to further formal education. This transformed his life to be treated as an equal, empowered him and allowed him to participate meaningfully in our society.

Morella Community Centre

Did you know that over 35,000 people are in contact with one of our 100+ centres across South Australia every week?

This video filmed at the Morella Community Centre gives a wonderful insight into the role of community and neighbourhood centres and their Adult Community Education programs in celebrating diversity and building social cohesion in local communities across South Australia.

Zoe’s Journey – Finding a place to belong

The Adult Community Education (ACE) program delivered in many community centres returns an economic benefit of up to 6.5 times the investment over 5 years.

Zoe uses her own story to connect with those she works with at the open and non-judgement learning environment of the Pooraka Farm Community Centre, in relation to Adult Community Education. Watch her story to find out how important it is to have a place where you feel like you belong and that sharing your experience can help others.

Ina’s Journey – Pathways to Opportunity

Watch Ina’s story to understand the impact that connecting with her local community centre has had on her after arriving in Australia.

Camden Community Centre

Did you know that 20,000 volunteer hours are contributed each week to community centres in South Australia valued at over $32 million every year?

Camden Community Centre is one of these centres and in June they celebrated and recognised these terrific volunteers.

Milang Old School House Community Centre (MOSHCC)

Community Centres SA is committed to advocating for inclusive and equitable communities that recognise the culture, history and traditions of our Indigenous communities.

This story was filmed at Milang Old School House Community Centre (MOSHCC) and highlights the centre’s relationship with the Ngarrindjeri community and the importance of working together for a future with shared values, mutual respect and cultural understanding. It also shows the centre’s Mosaic Project which incorporates their wonderful volunteer lunch known as Friday Feasters.

Midway Road Community House Placemaking

Traditionally, Centres focus on inclusivity inside our centres. But the outside of the building itself, and its surrounding space can strongly influence who enters our centre. If we are not seeking to engage more widely and diversely, or facilitate participation day as well as night, or reach those who we’ve not yet connected with, then arguably we are not as inclusive as we could be. 

Placemaking is another tool that helps us to be inclusive, to engage with our communities, and to create spaces that are places for all 

“If you do not step forward you will always be in the same place.”