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Video Instructions

Instructions on how to capture a 30 second video

Prepare your Equipment:

Ensure you have a video recording device such as a smartphone, camera, or webcam. Make sure it has sufficient storage space and is fully charged or connected to a power source. Find a suitable filming location.

Prepare your Equipment: Find a suitable filming location:

Choose a well-lit area with minimal background noise or distractions.

Plan your video

Decide on the content and purpose of your 30-second video.

Set up your shot

Position your camera in landscape (horizontal) securely to capture the desired framing.

Begin Recording:

Once everything is set up, press the record button and begin filming. Speak clearly and engage with the camera if you’re including a message or narration.


After recording, playback the video to ensure it meets your expectations..

Save the video to file:

Once you’re satisfied with the final video, save it in a commonly supported¬†video format such as .mp4 or .mov on your device.

Click on the link provided to access the Dropbox folder. Click here for the link.

Access the folder:

Dropbox folder associated with the link will open automatically. You will see the files and folders within it.

Upload the video:

To upload your video, click on the “Upload” button or the “+” icon within the Dropbox folder. Select the video file from your device’s storage and confirm the upload.

Upload the video:

The upload time will depend on the size of your video file and your internet connection speed. Ensure the upload finishes completely before closing the page.