Community Centre Awards 2023

Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses around South Australia make a significant impact towards ensuring our society is inclusive, just, and a supportive place full of innovation, connection, and engagement. Our awards night recognises the exceptional work the groups and individuals who volunteer and work in our centres and organisations are doing by recognising them with five unique awards. These awards highlight the contribution being made to community knowledge, inclusion, reconciliation, and social justice.

This year we will be awarding the following 5 awards:

Honorary Member Award

Outside the Centre Award

Voice for Reconciliation Award

Unity Through Diversity Award

Catalyst for Change Award

Join us for an exciting evening of celebration and networking with colleagues from the sector. You’ll enjoy delicious cocktail food and have the opportunity to make valuable connections.

Awards tickets are included in your 2023 Conference ticket. If you are not attending the conference but wish to attend the awards, please purchase a ticket for the awards night.

Our awards are open to all Community Centre and Neighbourhood House Members!

You can nominate:

  • An Individual – this could be a member of the community, a staff member, a volunteer, a board or committee member, a boss, a retired person – anyone! *Note only the Honorary Member Award is open to individuals
  • A group – a committee, a Board, a community group, an online group, a local street or neighbourhood group – any group!

To nominate a Community Centre or Neighbourhood House please use below links under the award you wish to nominate for.

Nominations will close 29th September 2023

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Awarded to  the Centre  that has innovated through programs, approaches, partnerships and placemaking and found a way to make a program financially sustainable. 

This award is given to a Community Centre/ Neighbourhood House that has demonstrated innovation in programs, approaches, partnership and placemaking and has found a way to make their program financially sustainable . The   centre may  have created new programs or improved existing ones, implemented  new approaches to  community engagement, formed strategic partnerships to enhance their impact, or used placemaking techniques to revitalise  underutilised spaces.   In addition to these innovative practices, the centre  has also found a way to to make their program finacially sustainable, ensuring that it can continue to serve the community in the long term. This award recognises  the centre’s commitment to creativity , sustainability and community impact. 


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Awarded to the Community Centre/Neighbourhood House  which contributes to the great work that happens every day to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all and which paves a way for justice, equity and a reconciled South Australia.

 This award recognises the efforts of Community Centres/Neighbourhood Houses that contribute to the vital work of strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. These efforts aim to benefit all individuals and communities and pave the way for justice, equity, and a reconciled South Australia. The award recognises and celebrates the importance of acknowledging and respecting the cultural heritage and contributions of Indigenous peoples, and the need to work towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.




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 Awarded to the Community Centre/Neighbourhood  House that engages with their community in a unique way outside of the traditional  “four walls” of their Centre/House.

This award recognises Community Centres/Neighbourhood Houses that go above and beyond in engaging with their community outside of the traditional four walls of their facility. This means that the Centre/House has found innovative and unique ways to connect with individuals and groups in their community, whether it be through outreach programs, community events, or other initiatives. By engaging with their community in a creative and impactful way, these Centres/Houses are able to build stronger relationships with the people they serve and create a positive impact in their community





Awarded to the  Community Centre/Neighbourhood House  that celebrates our diverse communities and cultures, promotes culturally safe practices, and contributes to shared understanding and a more tolerant and inclusive society.

This award is given to the Community Centres/Neighbourhood House that actively celebrates the diversity of our communities and cultures. The recipient of this award contributes to the promotion of culturally safe practices and encourages shared understanding amongst individuals from different backgrounds. They also foster a more tolerant and inclusive society by promoting respect for diversity and creating an open and welcoming environment for all. This award recognises the crucial role that understanding and celebrating diversity plays in creating a more harmonious and peaceful community.

This is awarded to an individual who has undertaken significant activities and responsibilities that have had a long-term or wide-ranging impact on or contribution to both:

·         The establishment and/or ongoing success of individual houses and centres and

·         The continuation of Community Centres SA Inc.

Honorary Members act as an advocate for Community Centres SA and the sector of Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses in South Australia. 

“If you do not step forward you will always be in the same place.”