New Community Centre/House Funding Release

Community Centres SA (CCSA) has advocated extremely strongly over the last three years for a review of Centre funding. Specifically, we have requested an increase in the quantum of funding overall to the sector and greater transparency and equity in how Centres are funded. A subsequent review saw feedback from many Community Centres, councils and other organisations.
CCSA joined Minister Nat Cook last week in a formal announcement advising that the Government was increasing the funding to approx. $5.4 million annually. As I advised last week in an email to you, a very positive story about the deeply impactful role of our sector was aired on the ABC, with CCSA supporting two wonderful Centre participants (Selena from MarionLIFE Community Centre and Veronica from Glandore Community Centre) to brave the cameras and journos and tell their stories. My sincere thanks to Veronica and Selena, your stories were heartfelt, compelling and generated much interest about Community Centres.   

Further detail about the funding can be seen by clicking here.

Additionally, I can advise you of the following:
Funding Distribution

  • The funding is available across 12 State Regions. Each region is assessed by DHS in terms of its population numbers, the SEIFA Index and the Loneliness Score (developed by Wellbeing SA) which then translates into the number of Community Centres that will be funded by DHS per region.
  • All Community Centres/Neighbourhood Houses are eligible to apply for the funding. Up to 55 Centres will receive funding. There are approximately 108 Centres around the State. 

Funding Quantum and Use

  • Funding will be approximately $99,000 annually per Centre.
  • The total funding is an additional $2.4 million annually for the sector, available for 9 years.
  • This supports the long term sustainability for that Centre.

Tender Process

  • Tender documentation is likely to be released next week or soon thereafter. Keep an eye out on Tenders SA for further details.  


  • There will be approximately 8 weeks to submit written tenders.

Tender Assessment

  • DHS acknowledges that some Centres have greater capacity to author a comprehensive tender than others.
  • To support a more level playing field, DHS has committed to keeping the initial written tender requirements very short and simple; and then to provide an opportunity for tenderers to present information about their Centre and application in an interview with DHS.
  • This provides an opportunity for Centres to speak to their work, their community needs and strengths, their activities, their governance, their plans.
  • This interview process will likely occur over January/February 2023.

This funding does not limit Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses from applying for a variety of other funding sources. CCSA regularly posts grant opportunities on our Facebook site and in our e news. I encourage you to view these regularly.
*Please note that the detail contained within this email is approximate, subject to change and should not be regarded as formal advice from DHS.
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Further Information

Contact CCSA via info@communitycentressa.asn.au or 8371 4622