Loneliness is insidious. Mother Theresa said, “Of all the diseases I have known, loneliness is the worst”. Presenting a greater risk to premature death than smoking, alcohol and obesity. Increasing the length of recovery time from illness and disease. At least 1 in 4 Australians are lonely.

We all know it. We are, by nature social creatures. Feeling connected to another human is as important to us as air and water. In fact, being socially connected leads to a 50% reduction of risk in mortality.

And those 2 million people each year that visit our Community Centres know this. We focus on “social scaffolding”, working with innovation and in partnerships with our members to nurture in person, positive relationships that have meaning to the individual and contribute to our social identity, sense of self and sense of belonging. Hammering loneliness person by person, community by community.

Our Advocacy & Work On Loneliness

Radio Interview

Sonya Feldhoff spoke with Kylie Fergusen, CEO of Community Centres SA about the connection between loneliness and poverty and how they are taking action with a pilot program called Loneliness Warriors in November 2021. Listen to the interview by clicking here.


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  • The Importance of Community Connections in Addressing Loneliness

“If there is no community place or women’s group here what should we do? We feel so lonely sometimes. Where should we go? It’s a good place, it’s a link to each other where we feel that sense of belonging”.

Uyghur woman, translated