In the words of Lauren Bonnet who accepted the 2019 award on behalf of MarionLIFE for their program Marion Mugs – “Loneliness really is an epidemic and something all of our group have experienced but we know that building connections is the answer.”

We want to help you to raise your profile and celebrate the work you do – The Loneliness Cure Award is an opportunity to reach a wider audience, have your voice heard and boost your awesome community programs that bring joy and connection every day to so many.

Hear more about what this rewarding experience could mean for your Community Centre or organisation in the special interview with our CEO Kylie Fergusen, Josh Griffin, Partnership Manager with Awards Australia and Leighton Boyd, Manager at MarionLIFE whose program, Marion Mugs, took out the $2000 prize money for The Loneliness Cure Award category last year.