Inclusivity matters. It’s more than diversity. And it’s harder to measure. But inclusive practice is a necessary pre cursor for all of our communities to have a sense of belonging, of cultural safety, to feel comfortable being themselves. Inclusivity is aligned with acceptance. Freedom from judgement. From stigma. Inclusivity means having the same access to opportunities as anyone else.

Every day, we seek to challenge natural bias, and unintentional, tiny and micro aggressive discriminatory comments, quotes and mindsets (as well as the intentional ones). We amplify our sector’s voice and inclusive practice. We provide a flexible and accessible workplace and proactively examine our employment practices, our language, our messaging, our policies. We nurture inclusive partnerships. Importantly, we work hard to model self-awareness of our own bias. But we won’t reach a point of contentment for we know inclusivity requires ongoing movement of attitude and habit to action.

“You don’t have to tell them your life stories, or give them your birthdate or government ID or your gender or employment status.. It doesn’t matter. No stigma. Nothing. There’s lots of things here where you can just be”

Community Centre user, 2019