It is a time of unknowns, of change, of a new online world. Staying connected with our communities is as important as it ever was.

But we understand the anxiety that comes with this. This website contains many practical ideas and tools. Tips imperative to maintaining best practice. Tools facilitating bigger picture planning and post COVID-19. Fun yet meaningful activities for your volunteers and staff working from home. Collaborating with our partners in connectedness – for you, for your centre, and for our communities.

This is a completely free resource and it’s full of tools and tips for Community Centres staying connected, safe and productive during COVID-19.

If you’re looking for more information to help your Centre and community through this pandemic our website is packed with resources – digital solutions, professional development opportunities, fun and creative community engagement ideas, financial support advice, links to other amazing organisations, the list continues.

Look no further – head over to our new COVID-19 website.

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