Six Community Centres are welcomed to the Festival of Ageing stage to present a recent project, initiative, innovation or contribution they have brought to their communities.  We encourage them to present it a way that reflects their project, whether through a solo presentation or  members of the community sharing their stories, for example.

Centres are encouraged to express their interest to speak and must be a Member of Community Centres SA.


  • Date: 3rd November 2022
  • Duration of Presentation: 10 minutes
  • Venue Facilities include: projector screen, laptop, microphone


Expressions of interest for 2022 have now closed.

What does your presentation need to be about?
Ageing in your community centre/neighbourhood house. Your learnings. Your lessons. Your shining moments.
It might be about a project or activity you have run or co designed – that had great objectives but went belly up.
It could be about your centre/house’s response to what your community has been telling you about their experiences of ageing.
It might relate to cultural safety, psychological safety, diversity, lived experience, placemaking. Or something else!

How long?
Not long at all.
Ten minutes.
You can use as much or as little (or no) technology. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Who presents from your org?
A minimum of two people.
One person must be a participant in your centre/house that can speak briefly to their own lived experiences of participation in their community centre. 
The other person could be the centre coordinator or project coordinator ..or whomever feels comfortable speaking to the centre/house’s experiences.

Will there be someone to guide you through if things go belly up?
Yes, each session will have a facilitator to introduce you and be there as your support (if you need).
All up there will be 6 centres/houses presenting.
There will be some questions/discussions at the end as well, where everyone has the opportunity to discuss the points your have raised.

Will I need to pay to go to the conference still?
You and your community centre participant will speak at the workshop in the afternoon, after lunch. You will of course not need to pay for attendance to this session – because you are the star speakers!
You will need to purchase a ticket for your attendance for the full day. If you get in early you can get it at members early bird rates which is significantly cheaper.